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Brands That Trust Us

Brands That Trust Us

Why Choose Our Custom Towels?

High Quality, Low Prices

High quality is precisely what you get with Custom Towels Now.

Made using the finest materials, our custom towels feel soft and plush against the skin, providing the ultimate comfort. But that’s just the beginning. Thanks to their quality, our custom towels will also last a long time, no matter how often they’re used and washed. Best of all? All these incredible qualities don’t come at a premium price. In fact, no matter how long you search, you won’t find lower prices than Custom Towels Now. Truly a win-win situation.

Uses and Choices Galore

When someone says the word “towel,” most people immediately picture a bathroom towel. If you think that’s all we offer, think again. Our range includes a diverse selection of towels for various uses and preferences. If you want a custom beach towel or a gym towel, we’ve got you covered!

Think outside the box, and you can have the perfect gift or decoration for every occasion. Let us give you a few ideas. Custom golf towels are incredibly thoughtful anniversary gifts for a golf enthusiast. Personalized hand towels with the couple’s initials will be all the rage as wedding favors. And custom towels with a logo will make your next family gathering one to remember!

Stellar Customer Service

Sure, the quality, durability, and versatility of custom towels should top your list of priorities. But if the path to getting these towels is filled with obstacles, what’s the point? No towel is worth this disappointing experience!

That’s why we pride ourselves on our stellar customer service. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, from checking product availability to helping you track your order. In our eyes, every client is a VIP client and deserves nothing but the best service.

How Does It Work?

Given how committed we are to an enjoyable customer experience, it shouldn’t surprise you that our custom towel ordering process is a breeze:

  • Select the preferred style of your towel.
  • Dive into the specs (size, material, printed side).
  • Choose how individual towels should be packaged.
  • Upload your artwork to customize your towel.
  • Take care of the details (e.g., towel color, printing style).
  • Choose your guaranteed delivery date.
  • Complete your order.

Post for podcast showing we have beer towels to use during recording
Using the towel to dry my hands and face for a tennis match hoping someone asks me about it so I can get a warm lead for the business
I am part of a pickleball club and we are honoring one of our best player by purchasing towels with a pickleball on it that say I want to be Jane Everyone loves it so much we are ordering more
12 U travel baseball team headed to Cooperstown NY and towels are used to collect pins from all the other teams from around the country
Make Life Fitness- New GYM in Greenbank I love the gym towels and so do our members that sign up
Fraternity golf out - the towels look great


You can absolutely order a sample towel!

Though we’re supremely confident in the quality of our custom towels, we don’t blame you for wanting to test them out before committing to a purchase. Take a look at our homepage, and you’ll see a “Free Samples” button prominently displayed at the top. Click on it, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll receive towel samples with random designs in five days or less. All you need to do is pay for the delivery.
The quality of our custom towels is extraordinary, which you could never guess based on their affordable prices.

Even better, different towels have different characteristics based on their uses, which only contributes to their overall quality. For instance, our spa-quality bathroom towels are ultra-absorbent and low-lint, while our beach towels have a velour finish that feels extra soft and luxurious against the skin after a day in the sun.
Most of the fabrics we use for our custom towels excel at withstanding heat, so they shouldn’t shrink in the dryer. Of course, treating these products carefully regardless can’t hurt. As long as you’re mindful of the heat settings and line-dry your towels, they should maintain their shape and quality for years to come.
It depends on what you consider a rush order.

If you want your custom towels overnight or in two days, we’ve got bad news. It’s just not doable. But if you want to speed up the delivery process and receive your order quicker, you can pay extra, and we’ll make it happen. Just choose the first available date during the final step of your ordering process.
They can be!
Our towels start as blank canvases, and you have complete control over what happens to that empty space, both in terms of the artwork and the printing style. Choose imprinting or embroidery based on your preferences.
We’re tempted to say, “as many as you’d like,” as our custom towels come in over 50 colors.

Each color is available in several options, so you can pinpoint the exact hue that matches your vision. Let’s take yellow as an example. Besides the standard shade, you have options like Yellow Gold, Lemon, Honey, and Athletic Yellow at your fingertips.
It depends.

It depends on your order’s specifics and how quickly you can deliver the proof of payment. Normally, the production takes three to five business days after your proof of payment is approved.

If you’ve selected the first delivery option for your custom towels, you should receive them in about 10 days. However, any issues with the order or payment can push the delivery date back.

The more towels you buy, the less expensive they’ll get. You can see it all in the price chart of your chosen towel type. Let’s take custom golf towels as an example. Purchase one (11 x 18 inches), and you’ll pay $58.54. Purchase 100 of the same custom golf towels, and you’ll get them for $7.34 each.

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This is what some of our clients think about our products

I ordered a custom towel as a way to commemorate my child's swim team and it's now a cherished memory. The quality is fantastic and the personalization is a great way to showcase their achievement. - Cleo Finamore
I ordered a custom towel with my favorite song lyrics and it's now a daily inspiration in my bathroom. The quality is fantastic and the personalization is a great way to add a personal touch. - Selma Crosson
These customized towels are amazing. The quality is unmatched and the customization is beautiful. I will definitely be ordering more. - Torrie Harris
The quality of my custom robe is beyond my expectations. It's soft, cozy, and the embroidery is beautiful. I really love it! - Joeann Aune

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